Magical little modules.

Expand Lightspeed’s functionality with add-ons.

The Lightspeed point of sale is the ultimate in-store solution for the new generation of retail business. Lightspeed eCommerce is the perfect companion, bringing products online seamlessly with automated inventory synchronization and many more additional functions aimed to keep itself relatively self-sufficient. If there’s a particular feature your business could use that’s not already included, let us know! If we don’t already have a solution, chances are, we’ll build one.

Taking it further.

In the early days of Lightspeed, we pioneered customizing web store and have been blazing trails ever since. Once Lightspeed API access opened, we developed one of the first add-on applications available to Lightspeed users. I think what we’re saying is, we know the platform, you know what you want, let’s make it happen.

Custom Themes
API Applications
Addon Modules

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