How do we do it?


It’s really not as difficult as it seems. We like to put aside the song and dance and get real about what you’re trying to achieve. Once we know where you ultimately want to be, we use what we know to get there as efficiently as possible. Below is a basic breakdown of the method to our technological madness.

  • Discovery

    Whether we hop on a phone or video conference, we’ll get to know your company and its goals as best as we can before hatching a game plan.

  • Brainstorm

    Here’s where we assemble to explore different options to find the most effective solution to the task at hand.

  • Design

    Now that we have some direction, our designers get busy creating mocks based on our research.

  • Development

    Once the designs have been approved, it’s time for our programming team to bring the project to life.

  • Beta

    Show me a developer that doesn’t test for bugs and I’ll show you a fool. This is why we beta test everything before going live.

  • Launch

    Launch days are always exciting around here. We feel like mission control when we upload files to a server.

  • Maintenance

    Just because a project’s done doesn’t mean we don’t still have your back. We offer maintenance, marketing and hosting packages for any project we develop.

Let’s get this going already.

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