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It’s the #1 tool in the game, and because of that, not an easy market to break into. Major League baseball players are known to be somewhat superstitious and creatures of habit. Probably the least likely piece of equipment that professional ball players are willing to swap out is their lumber. Not only has Dove Tail broken into the big leagues, but their products are now being used by MLB elite.

Bases loaded.

Dove Tail Bat has bases loaded on the digital front. 



Batting cleanup.

The primary focus of Dove Tail Bat’s ecommerce development was to shorten and cleanup the process of configuring and purchasing their highly customizable bats. We’ve since been working closely with the DTB team to create more brand recognition across the digital playing field. 

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XY is the most professional yet personal company I have ever worked with!  Prior to meeting the crew at XY I had had an extremely negative experience with another web-developing company that left me very leary and untrusting.  XY quickly earned both my trust and my respect with their professional and responsive approach to my need for a new website – and I needed it quickly!!  I had a very specific list of items that I needed on my site and they saved the day delivering a website with all that I needed and more! Their programmers didn’t give up until they had customized the areas that needed a special touch or found a plug-in to give my site the personal touch that makes it so awesome.  Additionally, since the site has been up and running, their attention to maintaining my site goes way beyond the call of duty

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