Pandora Jewelry

Affordable luxury and personal storytelling.

These core values are among the key reasons why Pandora’s well on their way to becoming the world’s most loved jewelry brand. From an internal standpoint, more products, more sales, and more locations means more data that needs to be quickly available for regular reports and analysis. Fittingly, we love API’s and building data applications as much as the world loves Pandora.

With great data comes great responsibility.

So, we’ve already touched on the fact that Pandora Jewelry has locations that span over 100 countries worldwide. Our role is to take location specific sales and inventory data and sync it all to one place where it can be quickly retrieved for reporting purposes. To get slightly more technical, we start by automating API connections to each location based on a set schedule. From there, our sync script reformats the data into a convention that’s compatible with Pandora’s centralized database. At this point, the data has now been prepped for upload to it’s final destination where it can be put to work for analysis. If any part of this seemed confusing, go back and read it in the narrator’s voice from Modern Marvels.



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