The Benefit Bureau

Making Life a Little Simpler.

The founders of The Benefit Bureau came to us with one thing in mind: The Future of Employee Benefits. As a newer insurance agency they had ideas, dedication, and discipline. They just didn’t have a brand. That’s where we came in. Our initial consultation led to a brainstorm session where together we came up with the company name. Thus, The Benefit Bureau was born. From there The Benefit Bureau was molded into a unique corporate identity reflecting their dedication and professionalism.

Insuring Brand Success.

From discovery through design and beyond, we helped The Benefit Bureau craft their brand image. We created an extensive branding package that we carried over to their new, totally awesome, website. Crafting a corporate identity from the ground up isn’t easy, but we love a challenge.


Quality, Quantified.

The intention of the site was to match the quality of service and level of professionalism of the company itself. Just like The Benefit Bureau the site focuses on the client, utilizing best practices and promoting ease of use. All while lookin’ good.

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