As our Business Boosters series comes to an end, we would like to leave you with some thoughts on what to do next. Here are a couple of final tips to make your business seem as professional as possible. In this article, we gathered the best insights coming from a career in web development. Developer and project manager at Xy Web Solutions, Jeremiah Scanlon, shared his advice on what makes or breaks your online presence.

  1. Mobile, mobile, mobile.
    Optimize your website so that it works well on phones. Guaranteed, most of your users will be visiting you from their smartphones.

  2. Think about an app.
    In keeping with #1, if your product or service warrants it, an app will increase your credibility, customer experience and retention. Cross-platform development has made app development more attainable.

  3. Nobody likes waiting.
    Make sure your site does not take long to load. You can measure this at

  4. Consistent branding.
    Do not change your logo, font, color theme, or messaging. It can send clients mixed messages.

  5. Images are key.
    They must be quality images, proportional to the page their located on, be it on mobile or desktop. Jeremiah says, “Create a budget for your images, then double it.” Hire a photographer, build a photo booth, do whatever it takes.

  6. Action-oriented sites.
    If you are an ecommerce business, your goal is to create conversions. If you offer a service, your goal is to initiate contact. Make sure the content on your pages leads to exactly that. Keep your user’s experience in mind when building your website, and they will not disappoint.