Tried sharing your link on social media? Stuffing your text with keywords? Asking your friends to give the page a shoutout? We’ve all been there. Getting users to click on your page can be tough. Oftentimes we might even be breaking some rules unknowingly. To avoid that, let’s talk about some traffic-boosting methods. 

Unique Content 

There is no easy way out of this one. The more unique and interesting your content is, the more interested your audience (and Google) will be. You may have heard of the trick to bombard your page with keywords – big no-no. Although you should definitely have relevant keywords sprinkled across your page, overdoing it can cause more damage than anything else. Google’s algorithms are savvy to this and don’t take kindly to tomfoolery. Your job is to create quality content for your desired end-user, Google’s job is to deliver the most relevant results.

Social Media

It is always a good idea to share your website on your social platforms. If you’re anything like I was in the beginning, you are probably telling yourself: “I don’t want my friends thinking I want to make money off of them!”. A way around that is creating user-generated content, something I explained in our previous post. More specific methods include redirecting posts about contests or giveaways to your website, posting promotions and of course, putting your website link in the “Bio” section.


Would you rather read an article or watch a video? Your answer probably matches your audience’s. Not only do many users prefer videos to text marketing, but posting videos on your site would also help you cross-promote your material while giving you a nice boost in organic search rankings.

“It’s no secret that Google owns YouTube, uploading video content to YouTube will get you noticed way more in search results.”

Steve Conca 

These tips should get you on your way, but remember: nothing increases traffic like a good product. If you are focusing more on increasing conversions than improving what got you here in the first place, rethink your priorities.